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Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Makita Cordless Jig Saw  18 Volt, 2.6 Amp, 2800 SPM, Model# 4334
Bosch 1590EVSK 6.4 Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Makita Cordless Jig Saw  18 Volt, 2.6 Amp, 2800 SPM, Model# 4334
DEWALT DWM120 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw DEWALT Heavy-Duty Cordless Jig Saw Kit with Keyless Blade Change
DEWALT DWM120 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw DEWALT Heavy-Duty Cordless Jig Saw Kit with Keyless Blade Change

Table Saws : An Ultimate Wood-Working Tool

The table saw is one of the most popular tools in the workshop, but it is potentially very dangerous. A table saw or saw bench is the most common piece of large woodworking equipment. Because of its versatility, when only one piece of large woodworking machinery is owned, it will often be a table saw. The professional table saw consists of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, which is driven by an electric motor. These woodworking table saws are designed to withstand the most demanding woodworking and other jobs as well. The Table Saw is undoubtedly the most multi talented machine which becomes the centerpiece of any workshop. The woodworkers use it to rip, square, miter, groove, shape and join pieces.

Table Saw Types Benchtop, Contractor, Cabinet, Hybrid, Portable and Miter
Its the most versatile piece of machinery used for mostly all woodworking jobs. There are various types of table saws used for different tasks and large wood projects. One needs to consider the exact type before performing any job.

Benchtop Benchtop table saws are lightweight, designed to operate while sitting on a table. They commonly have direct drive (no v-belt or pulleys) from a universal type motor. Contractor Contractor table saws are heavier, larger and have an attached stand or base, often with wheels. The motor hinges off the rear of the saw and drives the blade via a single belt using a 1 to 2 hp (750 to 1500 W) induction type motor.
Cabinet Cabinet table saws are heavy (using large amounts of cast iron and steel) to minimize vibration and increase accuracy. A cabinet saw is characterized by having a closed (cabinet) base. Hybrid Hybrid table saws are designed to compete in the market with high-end contractor table saws. They offer some of the advantages of cabinet saws at a lower price than traditional cabinet saws.
Rigid Rigid table saw endows the woodworkers with the flexible power need to produce both large and small furniture, cabinetry, and even larger construction projects. Its made of cast iron or steel. Portable The portable table saw also referred as the Bench Table Saw makes long, straight rip cuts and repeated crosscuts. Just similar as the larger stationary table saws and is also very mobile.
Table Jig Saws The Table Jig Saws are extremely versatile and handy, used for cutting arbitrary curves. Another important feature is the "stroke" which is used to alternate between fine cutting and rough cutting. Sliding Sliding table saw allows the user to move the whole table part left backwards and forward. Its accuracy of cross cutting system, delivers 30 inches of cross cutting at 90 degrees.
Miter The Miter table saw is used to make quick and accurate cross cuts by pulling a spinning circular saw blade down onto a work piece in a short, controlled motion. Mini The mini table saw is used by many hobbyists and model makers for smaller crafts. These miniature table saws features skid resistant rubber feet.

Versatile Table Saw Manufacturers and FAQs

A multi-purpose table saw is one of the most popular tools in the workshop, and is the most common piece of woodworking equipment. Industries leading table saw manufacturers and brands like Delta, Bosch, Ryobi, Powermatic, Makita, Black & Decker, Jet, Dewalt, Craftsman, Grizzly, Hitachi, and Rockwell offers these heavy-duty and state-of-the-art piece of machinery for any workshop or hobbyist. With the entire latest table saw models of table saw reviews from the industries leading manufacturers you can decide on all factors like accuracy, edge finish, rip precision, ease of use and speed.

Buying a table saw
as per requirement is an entire tricky process, which needs study and a lot of research. There are many stores and shops that sell the refurbished or used table saw and few of the brands may also offer you a good deal of discounted table saws. The key to success of any woodworking finished job or project is the table saw maintenance.

Apart of the entire success story the safety is the priority while working with such a power tool. Making good use of your skill with the table saw also depends upon how frequently one observes and maintains the machine parts and table saw accessories. There are lots of important table saw parts which help accomplishing the task successfully, of which the most essential are the blades. Proper table saw blade selection is one of the most vital part over which the job accomplishment depends.
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