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Contractors Table Saw – Lightweight and Inexpensive

Tuesday Jun 7, 2011

Table saws or saw benches are essentially one of the most multi-use woodworking tools. Comprising of circular saw blades that are mounted on to arbors they are run by electric motors. There are basically four types of table saws – contractor table saws, cabinet table saws, benchtop table saws and hybrid table saws.

Table saws are widely used in the wood industry for making quick work of wood cutting needs. They can cut wood of any depth by moving the blade up and down. The higher the blade coming out above the table the deeper is going to be the cut made on the wood. Older versions of the tool had the blade and shaft fixed to the table allowing the table to oscillate to expose the blade.

Talking of contractor table saws they are quite heavy and large appliances with attached stands that are often fixed with wheels. They are usually favored by homeowners and DIYs since they are inexpensive as compared to other kinds. Coming with standard electrical circuits that provide just sufficient power to run them, the motor attached to the rear of the saw, drives the blade either by one or maybe two belts on the induction type motor.

Since the motor is at the rear of the saw on the pivot it is often difficult to collect the dust. This may not be such a problem in the cabinet saw. In this case though you might need a vacuum system for dust removal. But then the good thing is that the contractor saw is a lightweight and portable machine. With the top usually bolted to the base it can still be moved about even when bolted by the frame that holds it in place.

The motor on a contractor table saw is designed to detach quickly. Thus the top, base, and motor fit can be easily transported in any size truck bed. You can bet there would be plenty of room to spare. True the contractor table saw made of lightweight material and thinner metal at that affords greater ease of handling. But then compared to the cabinet table saw for instance, it may not be as heavy duty.

The cabinet table saw though is made of cast iron. Add to this the weight of the copper wire coil and this can all be certainly bigger and heavier restricting it perhaps to remain a great stationary solid powerhouse of a saw. The contractor saw may not be made for such heavy use day after day, but remains a popular choice for hobbyists because of its portability.

Contractor saw also known as the open-stand saw is certainly heavier and more durable than the bench top saw. Its circular saw mounted on a heavy table with an open set of legs makes it the preferred tool for work sheds at home. Being reasonably priced and not requiring extra voltage than is provided in regular outlets, it remains a favorite easily carried from job to job, without much ado.

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