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Power Table Saws – 1-1/2, 2 and 5 Horsepower Motors

Thursday Dec 2, 2010

Power table saws are versatile heavy duty tools that no woodworking operation can do without. It is the one piece of equipment that finds pride of place in a work shed, to be likely owned forever. Woodworking businesses depend on this one singular apparatus that is also the first powered tool.

As the best instrument ever to provide quick, precise cuts in wood and other materials, most heavy-duty motors on table saws can make quick work of ripping through any type of hard or soft wood. But with a choice in motor size, you can do a lot more. The hobbyist can use a 1-1/2 horsepower motor that will allow the person to cut most woods up to 2 inches thick.

Harder species of wood however will require a larger motor like for instance a 2 horsepower. Some very large saws like the cabinet saw can have motors with as much as 5 horsepower. But these may not be of much use for the average hobbyist or your typical woodcutter. Table saws are really essential types of power tools that are available and should be in workshops in every home.

The more a craftsman becomes familiar with this equipment, the more will he learn to make specialty cuts that will ultimately create better end products. Often enough the horse power in table saws may not really be that important. The reason being, that most table saws already come with plenty of horse power. What one actually needs to focused on is precision of cutting depth, width and fences before you focus on power of a saw.

When it comes to power table saws you do need to focus on safety measures for sure. Here are a few important things to remember when using the power table saw, and remember the advice will go along way to ensure great results without mishaps. So here goes:

  • You must read all warning labels and instructions on owner’s manual before operating the power saw.
  • Remember when the power saw is not in use it is good practice to lower the blade below the table.
  • Be sure the power is disconnected before performing maintenance on the power saw.
  • Use safety devices when making cuts as required particularly as fingers are always near the saw blade.
  • Do not operate the saw in a manner that your fingers are moving into the path of the blade. Be constantly vigilant and continually alert during power saw operations.
  • Make use of the blade guard as directed keeping it in place whenever possible, since its chief function is to act as a splitter to prevent the cut in the wood from closing and pinching the back of the blade to kick back.
  • Adjust table saw so the blade is perfectly parallel with the fence and the miter slots so as not to induce violent kickback and cause injury.
  • Always wear eye protection when operating the power table saw. It is also beneficial to wear ear protection to avert the gradual loss of hearing that may occur.
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